Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paper Plate Crafts

Spooky Ghosts "Did I scare you?"

Items Needed:
Paper Plate
Black Paper or Markers or Paint for the eyes and mouth
One sheet Tissue Paper cut in half
Yarn or Ribbon

We decided to use the Black Paper so the first step is to cut the black paper into shapes for the eyes and mouth. Rosey did hers easily but I cut the pieces for the 2 year old even though she said "I do it myself". ack safety first. I did let her use the glue stick to glue the pieces to the plate by herself  which is the next step. For the ghostly paper shreds Rosey cut the tissue paper in half one for herself and one for Ava then she cut them each into strips not all the way through the paper but by leaving at least 2 inches at the top uncut. Again using the glue stick to adhere the tissue paper to the back of the plate hanging down. Last we punched two holes in the top of the plate and knotted the yarn from one hole to the other to hang them.

Spider Webs

Items Needed:
Paper Plate
Spiders (spider can be made out of pipe cleaners)

Paint the plates if the child wants it painted (come on what child doesn't want to paint? maybe that should have said if the adult wants to clean up the mess. Make sure you do this either earlier in the day or the day before so the paint has time to dry). Cut half inch slits into the plate around the edges. Cut yarn and let the child manipulate them into the slits to create a spider web. We had fake spiders from last Halloween that we decided to hot glue them onto the yarn web.


  1. These are both so simple to do and look like fun. Perfect for the kids. Thanks for sharing!