Friday, October 12, 2012

Lounging in Leggings


Today was the perfect day for leggings...a little chilly with spotty rain showers. I had a few errands to run but mostly this was a lazy lounge around the house day. Why can't everyday be a legging day?  Technically you can style leggings a thousand different ways so in theory you could have enough diversity to change it up for everyday of the week.  But for me I can't because leggings have onnnneeee little design flaw. The one where they just keep stretching and stretching and stretching. Your so comfortable you keep eating and eating and eating...Does anyone else rely on their pants to tell them to stop eating?
When purchasing leggings make sure to get a heavier weight in the fabric so that you won't have any embarrasing moments with an unexpected show through. Also be very careful with the fit of the waistband. Make sure that it fits snug enough to where you can bend over and they won't roll down.  

Leggings Gap, Army Green Jacket found similar, Tank Forever 21 and Ugg Boots...Change it versatile...pair with a camel booties and a necklace...or add a scarf and pair with ballet flats...I am thinking that the blue ones I just purchased would be perfect...

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