Monday, December 31, 2012


New Years Eve 2012 was not a fun celebration it was me in a coma with the onset of pneumonia. The sweetest nurse decided to brighten up the room so he hung disco balls outside my window & washed & fixed my hair. Even though I wasn't aware at the time the stories touch the heart, wish I knew his name to send him a thank you note. I also can't thank my sister Sandi (a nurse) enough, she spent the day & night away from her husband & children to make sure if I needed to be suctioned that she could be the one to do it & do it fast.


  • I will spend more minutes really listening really enjoying really appreciating what I have.
Thank you for following my journey. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

How Do You Measure a Year?

first time holding my baby by myself 3 long months later

A year ago today I was nursing my sweet chubby toddle-baby. I unfortunately got into a plane that would malfunction & fall to the earth but fortunately my baby did not step one foot on it. I fought through coma, confusion, broken bones to be back with my sassy now toddler. Medical bills are suffocating & a brain injury does not make life easy but I'm here. News Report

Right after the accident it broke my heart reading "Are You My Mother" to her thinking how she was that scared little bird looking for her mommy. I no longer tear up while reading it but do when my sleepy child whispers "are you my mudder?" 

Yes I worked hard but I am pretty much a miracle because of all those doctors (especially the one who's yard we landed in) and YOU! You all helped, every single thought pulling for me, rooting for me, made the difference. How else can you explain countless doctors telling my family to say goodbye. I'm here, not whole & not "fixed" but alive which matters most. I'm thankful my child does not have to grow up with just pictures & stories to remember me by. I'm very proud of the person she is becoming.

"Seasons Of Love" from Rent just popped in my head, how fitting that it's been one year today. How do you measure a year? I know your child won't measure it by how clean or unclean your house is but will by the moment you've shared so put down that mop & if you have kids at home, pick up a toy (not to clean but to play) please for me for today play & snuggle those babies. You never know what tomorrow brings. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Crafts Introducing The Party Artisan

You may have not heard about The Party Artisan she is from the UK and all. I think she is amazing which is why I'm talking about her today. Her site has some fabulous party ideas. Go check it out NOW go on I'll wait. Fab Right?

Not only does she have fab party stuff to buy but she also has some free holiday printables on her blog. The printable reindeer herd is oh so cute and the paper angel amazing!!! So I went to her site just link you there but I see she's got some new posts up I'll be over there the rest of the day.

Please comment here & link me if you blogged about holiday crafting or know other sites for any holiday crafts you enjoy, we are a mixed religion family & all. Happy Holidays!!!