Friday, October 19, 2012

Emergency Contact Information

You know by know from reading our blog how many hours can pass before you could be contacted by law enforcement or emergency medical responders following an accident. Thankfully Legislation to create the Ohio Next of Kin (N.O.K.) database was initiated by Ohioans who wanted to ensure Next of Kin be notified as soon as possible if an emergency or any critical event occurs.  Any Ohioans with a driver license, temporary permit or a state ID has the option of adding emergency contact information to their Ohio license/ID record.  The program is FREE.  Please Please Please sign up today and forward this to everyone you know.  Don't put it off it takes seconds to input the information. You can do so in three different ways:

- In person at any local deputy registrar.
- Online at
- Mail completed Next of Kin form to Bureau of Motor Vehicles Verification Services Document Management, PO Box 16520, Columbus, OH, 43216-6520.

Once your Next of Kin information is on file, you may change or remove it using any of the above methods.

Ohio also has an iD R KiDS Program. There is no minimum age to apply and it only costs $8.50. You can apply at any local deputy registrar just provide proof of name, date of birth, proof of residency and Social Security number. The acceptable documents list can be viewed at their website  Any children with an ID, under the age of 15, parents can also sign them up for the Next of Kin Registry. 


Additional Stories from the N.O.K. Program Initiators

Linda Wuestenberg

"My son, Steven Burge, was involved in a car accident in 2007. First responders searched eight hours before they found me. My son died from his injuries. A large group of us worked with our legislators and the BMV to create the Ohio Next of Kin database. The effort invested to make this valuable tool available to all Ohio citizens has been a deeply personal and emotionally draining journey. I do it in loving memory to my son to honor his exuberant love of life. I'm proud to be your Mom, Stevie B."

Carmela A. Wiant

"My son, David Money, was on his way home from work when involved in an auto accident. The only source of contact information was his work badge. Three hours later, I was told by the hospital chaplain David was dead. I was devastated."

If you are not an Ohioan please check with your State's BMV to see if the program is available to you. If it is not available ask your local BMV who to contact in order to create legislation to add Next of Kin Information for you and your family. Trust me and my family it can save many precious seconds...minutes...even hours.

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