Saturday, October 6, 2012

Marc Jacobs

I had the honor to attend my nephew's beautiful wedding located at the Vinkolet Winery.  I wish I had a reason to go back every week just to sit and overlook the scenery...isn't it something...the rolling hills...the grapes...even better the wine. 

I had purchased this dress a long time ago and it just sat in my closet...Sorry Marc Jacobs I just don't attend a lot of events. (to be quite honest I was afraid to try it on again and zip it up because I always flucuate in my weight)  Let's just say I could still breathe prior to the wedding but on the way home I couldn't wait to unzip the dress before it squeezed me to death.  Once again it was a mark down...I am sure that is not a suprise to anyone that knows around fifty dollars another fabulous buy at Off Saks found similar.  The bracelets were from Target and H & M found similar.  The faux ring Nordstrom Rack.  Earrings from TJmaxx found similar and shoes I have had a long time from BCBG found similar.

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