Friday, October 26, 2012

Art World Foam Paper

Seemed like it was going to be a gloomy day outside so to brighten up the inside, I give Ava another art project. I cut foam paper into various shapes (mostly rectangles), put some water in a bowl and let her dunk the pieces in the water. Next step is just letting her stick them onto the window. Easy & Fun! The only hard part for me was, well besides cutting shapes other than rectangles was, was making sure the water didn't get everywhere since the toddler thought it was funny to stick all her toys and her head in the water.

Items Needed:
Foam Paper

Now I was going to post this last  week but forgot oops and yesterday the weather was definitely not gloomy, hello sun & 78 degrees, but since its getting close to Halloween I made some ghosts & pumpkins though my little art critic told me it wasn't a pumpkin.

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