Monday, October 1, 2012

Art World Dale Chihuly

I have enjoyed Dale Chihuly's work for many years. So I'm especially excited that my 2 year old picked Dale Chihuly's artwork as one of her favorite pieces at the Art Museum. We walked in and I didn't even see it yet and Ava squealed "WOOK IT'S AN OCTOPUS". It was Dale Chihuly's Rio Delle Torreselle.

Here's a fun way to get your little one to do their own Chihuly inspired artwork.

Items Needed:
Pipe Cleaners 
Clay Modeling Tool for poking the holes like this

Adults will need to poke the holes as the tools are sharp. If you know of any other ways to make the holes post it in comments please. 
Children can wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil or their fingers & put them in the holes and create their own artwork. 

If you post any toddler art to instagram or twitter use hashtag #artworld and I can follow along. Have Fun!

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