Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Think Pink

I can't think of anyone Breast Cancer has not touched...Stories after stories...Tears of Joy...Tears of Sadness...I wanted share this story with everyone because it touched me...especially the part where doctors tell her to go home the lump is nothing...How does that still happen today???? Yes she found a lump and doctors tested with an ultrasound and they just dismissed it. A few months go by oops another lump once again doctors dismiss it...A full year later in 2010 after getting a second opinion through The James at Ohio State University did they finally diagnose her with Stage III invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer...not only that it evolves into Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer...She was only 28years old...Throughout her journey she exudes courage, strength and inspiration for others and hopes one day her dreams of becoming a mother will come true.

Lindsay Giannobile Link
Lindsay in the News

Running For Lindsay

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