Thursday, October 4, 2012

My New Love

Oh skinny jeans where have you been all my life? I knew you existed but thought only skinny girls would look cute. I was wrong.

They are very comfortable and feel like pajamas so much that I asked Jeanne if I bought pajama jeans on accident, she assured me that no I didn't. Skinny jeans have made it so easy for me to dress up or stay dressed down but look dressed up. My therapist thanked me for looking put together she said most of her clients come in flannel pjs and I snickered so much, ha if she only knew, also makes me want to stake out her place and tell all the women the amazeballness of skinny jeans. 

In the pictures I'm wearing them with flats & pants rolled up, when wanting to look fancy I pair them with super perfect boots, a gift from my sister Julie (the flats were a gift from her too it's like she's a mind reader). You can also wear the jeans not rolled up but mine are not very long and would look like high waters which on Ava is hilariously cute, me, not so much. Now be warned, every brand fits differently so don't give up on first try or in my case 40 yes 40 though possibly more. My lovely sister Sandi encouraged me to keep trying every time I wanted to quit. I tried on every pair in Macy's with no luck, then went to gap & loved them but didn't love the price so next it was Old Navy they have so many different fits you may want to start there. I tried on the Rock Star super skinny fit & really felt like a rock star I broke out in an air guitar riff. Be warned go up a size if you order them or try them on. Also huge bonus, they are only $19 right now

Do you have a favorite brand? 

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