Monday, October 29, 2012

A Talented Artist


There are people who are just gifted in seeing a vision and bringing it to life. Notice the small piece of candy in the cheek of the little boys mouth, the wrinkles in the elderly man's hands, the missing headlight from the dilapidated car.  Well my uncle is one of them. You wouldn't know it because he doesn't talk about it very often. He's a humble man, a good man not only that but he's also a superb father and husband. I'll never forget one day I was visiting Grandma, his mother, and saw the most beautiful painting hanging up in her room. I had to comment because it quite frankly took my breath away.  Grandma responded well Tom painted that.  Wait! What? I was shocked to hear that my uncle also painted this masterpiece...Not shocked because I know he is talented but shocked that everyone in America doesn't own one of his masterpieces.  So not only can he draw, he can paint but he can also take one hell of a photo. What can't he do?  Check out his artwork below.  Hopefully you too will own a masterpiece of one of the most talented Artists I know---T.L. Neeley


Our take on how to bring out the artist in your own child. Teach them how to draw with pencils. Talk about shading, shapes,erasing, shadowing and blending.  Then let them create. We chose to mimic the mason jar just have it out on the table for them to refer back to...A perfect masterpiece for any wall just frame and hang.  


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