Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update to Your Emergency Plan

Add Information Stickers To Your Little One's Car Seat!!!!

Emergency Contact Information from Don't Pat the

I was browsing pinterest and came across this idea that I had to share with you all.  It is so easy to do...don't delay on this one...don't have sticker paper just tape a brightly colored piece of paper with the information on it...worried the information could be seen by passersby and that they would get information that they do not need...just tape an envelope to the car seat with the information sealed on the inside...just make sure it is brightly colored so that the police/firefighter will take notice...write something catchy on the front...Emergency Contact Information...Important pieces of information that can make a difference minutes following an accident.

  • Child's Name
  • Father's Name and telephone number
  • Mother's Name and telephone number
  • Emergency Contact and telephone number
  • Any allergy information/medical condition

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