Thursday, September 6, 2012

Parenting Lessons from my sisters

Being the littlest sister I've learned many lessons from my sisters who have gone through this parenting route before me. Here are just a few of the things I've learned

  • Julie: Trust your child. They may be climbing walls (literally) and you may have to hold your breath but trust. 
  • Lisa: Have fun, create memories. Those memories may include buying out all the plungers from the local hardware store but it will be worth it. 
  • Sandi: You may be a mom but you're still a person and you deserve a break. Go get that pedicure or go see a movie or drink that diet coke in blissful silence. 
  • Jeanne: You don't have to follow the path your parents did, you can let your kids get their ears pierced before they turn 18.
Any good tips you've learned? I will take all the help with this parenting gig I can get.


  1. let your child's freak flag fly...every person is different and your child doesn't have to be like everybody parents did that for me (and i know it hasn't always been easy for them...ha!) and i did that for my kids. all three of my boys are very different, but they are amazing human beings :)

  2. At first I see the pic and say...ok...not so bad...then I see the second one and say....OMG!!! haha Why am I always holding you???? Still love ya Kate!!!

    Children do not come with instructions and there is no undo button for what mistakes you might make....Just do your best. No child is the same and what works for one will probably not work for the next!!! Never live with regret or worry. Let the little things go and just have fun!

    Children observe mindful of that in good times and in bad!!! Funny day I was driving and was cut off from another driver and then missed the light...while waiting I hear the sweet little voice of my 2 year old from the backseat say...."Mommy...what did that a**hole do?" Holy cow...I wanted to laugh and then cry.

    Hug your child everyday. They will remember when they are older and there is nothing better in life than a hug from your matter if they are young or old!! PS....feels the same way for little sisters!! Haha....I am sending you hugs now!!

  3. I love the statement I just heard recently. "what you tell your children now becomes the little voice in their head later."
    All of out, good or bad goes in and stays in.this had caused me to pause before speaking, and I hope avoid speaking wrong.
    Find the pictures of you from their age and try to remember what out all felt like. When you can see their life from both perspectives you can also see the best paths ahead.
    We all need these lessons and we need them often. Keep sharing please.

  4. I agree with all that....another small one that I'm working on....let them cook with you. It's a mess and slower and might turn out a little saltier when it should be sweeter, but they LOVE it, it makes then feel nearly as important as they are, teaches them a ton and always turns our being more fun than you anticipated. They've got smiles instead if frustration while you're paying attention to something else. It's harder with 2, but I'm working on it. :) Also...laugh. When things go wrong mama is the one who decides if it's a simple mistake or a ruined day. Just Terri to remember to laugh at problems that come up and relieve some of that anxiety in their little bellies. Love you, Kate! You are an amazing mama! Miss that little Ava and her silky curls too!

  5. What I have learned.. Is that sometimes the best times are the unexpected. Call for an ice cream run after you kids are in their p.j.s. Leave them notes for a reminder that they are special. Stop and really take the time to listen. Sometimes listening about what they are interested in opens the door later to bigger talks. My son opens up about his day when we take an evening walk. Somedays I hear about the latest video game but other days I hear about his worries and accomplishments.

    What I have learned from watching my sister, Kate with my son... Sometimes being an Aunt is more rewarding than being a mom. Take the kids on treasure hunts and nature walks. Let them do messy art projects. Read to them. Get down on the floor and play. Make them the only and biggest priority of the day.
    Xoxo julie

  6. Kate!!! The Twitterverse was worried about you. We love you!!!