Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pick Me Up Tuesday

I saw this quote on Pinterest and it brought me back at least thirty years or more...ack how old am I...thank goodness I don't remember

For some reason everything is funnier
if you're not allowed to laugh.

Sit down dinners at the kitchen table were pretty much a staple when I was little...Growing up in a large family on a limited income food was precious to us...and we certainly loved to eat...and fast too because if there was an extra roll and you finished first it was yours...on this particular evening it was dinner time...we were all seated at the dinner table and for some reason one of us just started to snicker...of course I do not remember who started it or why...it was probably because we were having peas and we used to squish them under our plates...what I do know was that my Dad was not happy...He liked for us to be quiet and behave at the table...(maybe they should have thought about the noise level before having four girls within five years...or seven children total...I am not sure if it was ever quiet)...anyway that snicker lead to another snicker...to another then to full out uncontrollable laughing...like milk shooting out of the nose laughing...one by one we were asked to leave the table to get control of ourselves...to stop causing a ruckus at the table...so one by one we went into the bathroom looked into the mirror and laughed till it just wasn't funny anymore...composed ourselves...wiped away the tears of joy...returned to our seat just to glance at each other which one again started the laughing all over again...which landed us back into the bathroom...I think it became so contagious that even my Dad in the end eventually cracked a smile...

So Try not to laugh today...Hopefully milk will shoot out of your nose too....

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