Thursday, September 20, 2012

Toddler Sensory Fun

Ava likes baking but we didn't have enough ingredients to make anything so I let her have free reign with the baking soda. She LOVED it. She played for hours initially. I use this sparingly so it doesn't lose its power. Really its like I found a super power.

Items Needed:
  •  A baking tray for containment & easy cleanup
  • Random Toys 
  • Random Utensils or Cookie Cutters (Ava's favorite) 
  • Baking Soda

Cost: About $2
Benefit: Unmeasurable I mean I was able to get a shower that should count for at least a thousand dollars right?

Ways expand the "lesson":
  • Add vinegar to talk about acids & bases 
  • Add food coloring 
  • Talk about texture

Have Fun!


  1. We've played with flour before but never thought to add cookie cutters. D would love that bc she's always making shapes in carpet with blocks.

  2. (:o

    You are a genius. I'm doing this.

  3. (:o

    You are a genius. I'm doing this.