Thursday, September 13, 2012

Come On Enjoy The Ride

The cycle sisters go through is alot like going whitewater rafting...(me and my sister actually did this together and it was a blast...a moment in time I will never forget)...It starts off picturesque...the mountains...the trees...the rushing water...Can you picture it now? oh yeah did I mention you are floating down the middle of an unpredictable river in a raft that somehow shrinks in size at the worst possible moment and all you have in your hands is a paddle...sorry back to the story...the river seems so calm at first almost gliding you to your next destination...everyone is smiling, cracking jokes, looking around at the amazing scenery that surrounds them, working together with a lighthearted anticipation of what's to come...then...all of a sudden...out of nowhere it turns into complete chaos...there's screaming, crying and even some flailing...the raft is shrinking...and the once calm river has turned into a monster...waves crashing around huge rocks that are protruding in every truly start thinking that you are not going to walk away from this...what were you thinking this isn't that moment you realize that you are forced to work together in unison otherwise one of you may get hurt even worse die...and just when you think you can't take it anymore the river returns to it's calm state again...your gliding, checking out the scenery, moving on to your next destination and most importantly thanking your sister for saving your life.

Truth is no matter what we did to one another...holding the newborn outside of the crib by her ankle (my mom saved the baby prior to her being dropped...yes it was a heart stopper) what we stole out of each other's closet just to wear it and wad it up like you had nothing to do with it...(I did that unfortunately) the endless the way I did not purposely push Julie out of the bed it really was an accident...we needed each other...we still need each other...and I truly wouldn't know what I would have done or would do without my sisters.

Today tell your sister how much she means to you...I am not talking just biological sisters...I am talking about anyone who has been a sister in your life...and thank them from the bottom of your heart for all that they have done for you.

To my sisters:  Your strengths inspire me. Your knowledge educates me. Your help strengthens me. Your love has made this little thing called life livable...You have helped me become the woman I am today.  Thank You Thank You Thank You for being my sister.

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