Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pick Me Up Tuesday

The Big Scare...Have you ever hid around a corner just waiting for that perfect moment to jump...flail your arms out...and scream roarrrrrrr...Well that was a staple in our house that still brings us many laughs to this day...not like oh yeah that's funny...I mean like laugh till you cry funny...or pee your pants funny...My mom said it was going to bring us post traumatic stress...but really all it brings us is joy...Are we weird?  Does anyone else enjoy this pastime? The best scare story we have to share...We were on vacation in Lake Cumberland...They have a  Lodge were you can get a nice dinner or hang out on the porches to see the little creatures that come out of the woods...well we figured out pretty quickly that it has the perfect bathroom for my sister's plan of attack...A wall separating the toilets and the exit...a perfect corner to carry out her plan...ok now the set up...little sisters had to go to the bathroom...Perfect...act like everything is normal...and then as soon as they are out of sight...hide...she got a little crouch in her stance arms up ready to strike...Silence...toilet flushes...faucet on...faucet off...footsteps...ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Thing is when my sister looked at the victim it wasn't one of us...it was a little old lady clutching her purse...tearing off out of the bathroom...like she was attacked...(hang on a minute need to run to the bathroom almost peed my pants from laughing)...Now I think that undeserving little old lady may have had a little post traumatic stress from that incident...we certainly didn't stick around to find out...did we feel bad? absolutely...did we laugh hysterically? you bet we did!!!!

Enjoy some other great scares...Laugh Out Loud Today!

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  1. The video made me laugh out loud and think of all those childhood memories of how much fun we had scaring one another. We had the perfect basement steps to hide behind and scare the poor victim just as they reached the landing. I crack up at videos where people scare one another. My husband gets a kick out of how funny I find them. I don't think he really understands how funny it is, but makes him laugh to see such laughter coming from me. While sometimes I feel my memory is not as good and that I have forgotten some of those childhood memories, the old lady clutching her purse as she ran out of the bathroom and jumping up and down screaming as my sister jumped out from the bottom of the stairs with her face white with powder are just as clear today as the day they happened. Thanks for helping me laugh out loud today.