Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toddler Room Makeover

Bye Bye Purple

A room made with love.

After the accident my sister Julie came for a visit she brought lots of love and confidence and some paint. My sister Sandi also came with those things and some power tools yes the previous owner left a picket fence as the headboard and taking that off took a lot of the wall along with it.

We used expensive low odor paint but to tell you the truth it smelled bad. I wonder if the money saved on cheap paint could have been better used. Due to the odor I was kept out of the room (except for quick pictures) and I can't say I have any complaints about that. I had a dresser and bookcase from ikea in the room so back to ikea
Thank you Ikea

we went and found this relatively inexpensive bookcase which we turned on it's side so to be more toddler friendly. Julie found that great wall decal, utter perfection!! All other hangings and shelf items were in a box waiting to be put up for the last year. Instead of buying new drapes we got a box of RIT dye fuchsia it matched the fuchsia ikea bins and fuchsia spray paint PERFECTLY it looked like we dyed it all. And from our previous posts you might know about my owl obsession, well I couldn't leave target without the owl comforter and sheets. I love this room so much I would trade Ava if not for all the work moving stuff. Anyone want to come for a visit? 

the exploration begins