Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tissue Paper Flowers

I love making tissue paper flowers/poms...they not only look awesome in photos...but are super easy and very inexpensive...I generally buy my tissue paper at the dollar store but for these particular colors I found them at Target...For the table decoration I use 5 sheets of paper per flower...I have never made the hanging ones but imagine you would just add more sheets of tissue paper probably a minimum of ten sheets...My preference is the larger sized I cut a fourth off of the tissue paper of the length...approximately 14 in length by 16.5 height.

Fan fold the tissue paper...
Pinch in the center...and wrap with any wire or twist tie (it won't be visible)...cut off the excess.


While the tissue paper is fan folded cut rounded ends (you can cut a triangular shape also for a different look)...gently fan the tissue paper back out...then gently separate each layer of the tissue paper...scrunch if needed... The smaller ones in the above photo were made with the excess tissue paper that was cut off originally (need another idea for the excess tissue paper... cut the layers in strips...fold the middle of the strip over a string...twist then glue with good old Elmer's white glue and you will have a beautiful tissue streamer garland)
Have you guessed yet??? Yes my next party will have the color scheme aqua and orange...Isn't it beautiful...Details coming soon.

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