Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun at the Local County Fair

Every year the local county fair comes to town and with it brings smiling faces of the kids when they realize that they are going to get to afternoon of petting a thousand different animals...eating gyros, cotton candy,chili fries and funnel velvet funnel cake yum...riding rides and being creeped out by the carnies... what could be better?

To be frugal try some of our helpful hints:
  • Check the fair schedule.  They generally will promote a day of discounted admission prices.
  • Eat lunch before you go so that you can save your pocket change for that red velvet funnel cake.
  • Buy the ride bracelet if your kids will be riding rides a lot.  If not pick out one to two rides buy the individual tickets and walk away.
  • Bring your own drinks.

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