Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pick Me Up Tuesday by: Jeanne

I just had to share an amazing moment with my daughter just driving home from an errand.  Both kind of in a blah mood. Her, "Why do I have to get up so early on summer vacation?" Me, Why did I have to buy shorts that need to be dry cleaned? (oh yeah that's right because they are the only shorts that would fit my bootyliciousness. Trust me I tried on thousands.) when a tune started.which led to a glance.even better instantaneous smiles and a crank of the radio.  In that moment, for real we became the back up singers to Little Big Town.

     makin waves and catchin rays up on the roof. jumpin off the back dooon act like you dooon want tooooooo. out here in the open ummm motor-boatinnnnnnn.

Why were those passerbys staring? We were good.My heart is full. It's the little things.

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