Sunday, August 26, 2012

Come to the Cincinnati Zoo

Having a gold membership has been worth its weight in, well, GOLD. It comes with free parking, one free guest per visit, and unlimited train and carousel rides.

My favorite place is always the goats. They have baby pygmy goats, Nigerian dwarf goats, and baby doll sheep.They are super cute don't you want to curl up with the one top left? Come on, not even a kiss? The zoo even provides brushes so the kids can brush the goats. They are touted as the Zoo's friendliest animals but the sign that says don't bring goat food into the petting area? They MEAN it!! Jeanne unknowingly gave the kids (who were in with the goats) food and the goats started chasing them. From afar it was quite funny but my poor nieces were a little freaked out.

More More More
Ava's favorite part is feeding the giraffes. Did you know they have BLUE tongues? It's thought to keep them from being sunburned, huh the more you know. 
"they're okay they do that all the time" said the zoo worker
My sister, Lisa's, favorite animal is the penguin so I just had to take 500 pictures and send them to her. The cuties were close enough you could touch. No we didn't touch we minded the "no touching" sign.

No children or animals were harmed or at risk in this filming

Bring your camera for the many photo ops

I can't wait to plan our next visit. What is your favorite part of the zoo?

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