Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pick Me Up Tuesday

When we were researching frantically for anything to do with Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI) my sister, Sandi, found this amazing link to another family's tragedy that turned into a miracle.  I wanted to share because it was so inspiring to us...actually It was more than inspiring...it became our HOPE for Kate. 

Doctor saves his Wife's Life Twice

Alison Delgado Update

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  1. I was desperate to find hope during the time that was very uncertain. My students showed me a tremendous amount of concern and proved to be my therapy as my family and I were going through such a difficult time. One of my nursing students shared with me the story of a local doctor and his wife that was featured on ESPN that he had seen recently. Their story brought me to tears, but also gave me a sence of hope. I saw everything that Alison Delgado had been through, setbacks and all, but to see her talking at the end gave me hope that Kate may be able to one day wake up and talk to us. It reminded me that the human body can do amazing things, to not give up, that miracles happen every day, and there was hope that my sister one day could talk to us and with love and support of a loving family, together we could do amazing things. I had to share this story with my family. It was just what we needed at one of our darkest times. The ESPN story was powerful and can be seen at http://ESPN.go.com/video/clip?id=7122843 it is called the cycle of life. So instead of despair, find those stories that are hopeful, it made it possible for me to think that a tragic event just may turn out OK.