Friday, August 31, 2012

Library Reading Programs

I'm all about free activities

Check if your library has reading programs, ours has summer reading programs for age 0-18.
This year was titled Catch the Wave. They provided fun prizes when number of books were read (50 pages counts as one book if reading a long one, for older kids, obviously no way am I reading Ava 50+ pages for one book. Can you say attention span? Me not her) Read 5 we got a pencil and notebook, 10 a beach ball, 15 a water bottle, 20 a cute t shirt.

We read the following books (all new to us)
Five Little Chicks by Nancy Tafuri
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turnaround (One of Ava's favorites, she made her teddy bear do the actions :)
Dora's Sleepover
Betsy B. Little by Anne McEvoy
Sleep Tight Little Mouse
The Sheep Made a Leap
Cold Little Duck Duck Duck
I love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck (Sweet Sweet Sweet this is my favorite)
Pat A Cake
The Alphabet Atlas
Good Night Harry
The Jazzy Alphabet
Who Likes Rain
Time To Get Out
Skippyjon Jones and The Big Bones
Noodled Lou
Dora & The Unicorn King
A Birthday for Cow
Where is Baby Jaguar?
A Dozen Ducklings Lost & Found

Now our summer program is over but we are lucky that our library also provides story-time and crafts.This is where Ava has gotten her love for Ring around the Roses.

Puppet fun

a new friend

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