Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Minute Summer Activities

It's August the air conditioner is turned will be heading back to school...Thoughts of have we had enough fun this summer? Can we cram any last minute activities in? Can I handle being away from them for eight hours a day? The answers are yes, yes and YES...Oh but I will miss them...I might even cry...Did I tell you that they are ten and fifteen? I don't care..I am a softy. Truth is I still think of them graduating preschool or thier first day of kindergarten...I absolutely love them more than I love myself...ack dare I say it...even my husband... yeah I said it...Shh don't tell Today squeeze your love muffins as hard as you can and maybe even try to cram in one more last minute summer fun activity...because for me sixteen years flew by in the blink of an eye.

Here are some of our favorite summer activities

Swimming at the Pool
Getting Ice Cream from Whit's
Going to the Local Amusement Park
Riding Bikes
Visiting the County Fair and Festivals
Participating in the Reading Program at the Library
Playing Board Games
Sleeping In and Moving at a Snails Pace
Seeing all the animals at the Zoo
Summer Vacations..Charleston and Savannah this year... so much fun
Going to the Ballpark to cheer on our home team

 Any last minute summer activities you want to squeeze in?


  1. Start gazing and a few more trips to water. Any water wil do for my water babies.