Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Halloween Candy Mayhem

How many of you guys woke up this morning with a chocolate hangover? I found myself trying to eat enough cheerios to soak up all of the sugar realizing that I just might have to...hold on a second...this is hard...give up chocolate.  Well some of it at least.  So when I received the email from our Orthodontist I was convinced to participate in their charity event.

Mark your calendars for our 2nd annual Smiles Change Lives Candy Exchange: NOVEMBER 3RD ! Bring your extra candy and come by the Landen office to help support our troops!! Enjoy food, drinks, entertainment and visits from our firefighters and military men and women!

Northeast Orthodontic Specialists

Being a dental assistant if you don't live in an area where your dentist participate in this program here are some tips to try to avoid cavities.

  •  Limit suckers  hard candies.  These are the worst because the sugar is not only on the teeth for the amount of time they are sucking on them but for at least thirty minutes after.
  •  Always have them brush their teeth after eating any candy. Especially the sticky stuff like sour patch kids, swedish fish or tootsie rolls. Those types of candies stick into the grooves of the biting surface of teeth guaranteeing a trip to the dental chair.
  • Starting at the age of three always see your dentist every six months for a routine thorough cleaning.


  1. Thank you I did not know about sugar being on for 30 minutes afterward. I do not want to give up chocolate but ugh.

  2. Yeah it really breaks down the enamel (the white outer coating on our teeth). Just think of it like ripping off a bandaid it feels bad at first but it's such a relief afterwards. Your teeth will thank you.