Monday, November 26, 2012

A Disappearing Act

I am sure you all thought we disappeared. I know it's been too long since our last post. What can I say but Thanksgiving turned out to be more of a chore that I had in store for myself than I had originally anticipated.  I had to remind myself that I am truly thankful besides the crazy things swirling around inside of this crazy house.  Let me get you up to speed...My Thanksgiving Holiday started off with finding water trickling through the is where I am was trickling into the storage area not hurting is where I am not so much...Dishwasher would be out of commission for not only one but two Thanksgiving Dinners...yes I host both I just can't eat Thanksgiving Dinner on paper plates...I tried I bought them but I just couldn't argggg.  Then my husband decided to get crazy drunk forgetting that he wasn't in college anymore...yeah football was on but come on...Thankful that he messaged my family to apologize and promise that that would never happen again...Last but not least I was putting away the dishes...opened the drawer below the oven and while closing almost took off my entire right big toe...Thankful that the cut after applying pressure and several band aids looked like I did not have to spend the night in the emergency room...Phew  So now that we are back to "normal" and I don't have any hosting jobs till next year I would like to share what my family was thankful for...

There was one rule you couldn't just say family and friends because that is a given...

-For all the food we have now
-All things lace and sparkly
-Beer, Wife, Children and Family, Golf Clubs Happy to host Thanksgiving and spend time with the people I love.  (yes this was from the drunk guy)
-For my house, health and love from my family and veterans freedom
-For my sight and being able to watch Ava grow
-For my blessings (from a six year old)
-For walks
-For my loving parents and brothers. Also how they work hard for me to dance.

Great ones from years past
-For turkeys that are free (not like free from the grocery but running around free)
-For my life (written from a seven year olds perspective)
-Cutting the grass (not from an adult)

If you don't do this Holiday Tradition you need to start it is such a creative way to capture your yearly thanksgiving thoughts.  Just cut pieces of cardstock into a tag style of your choice. This year I just cut the paper into 3x3 squares and attached a small ribbon at the top.  Find branches from your own yard, place in vase, have everyone write their name on one side and what they are thankful for on the other, then hang on the branches. Save the tags and set out every year to reminisce.

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