Saturday, November 17, 2012

Basics No One Should Be Without

No matter what the season is outside there are basic pieces your wardrobe cannot be without.  We've already discussed one, the much loved cardigan and in this post I wanted to focus on the tank top. I know what you are thinking a tank top in the winter, for all seasons? answer absolutely. It is an essential layering piece for a cardigan, sweatshirt, sweater or blazer. You will need at the very least a white and a black one. My favorite tank tops for the price and fit are from Target and JCrew Factory.  Next is a pair of boot cut jeans...the ones I have on are Mek jeans. I have to admit that although the fading, color and inseam is perfect (I am 5'7 and need an inseam of 34 or 35 in.) there is just one pet peeve I have with them...the rise seems to be just a half inch too low. I didn't notice until after I had worn them but they stretch just a little which in turn causes them to slip down just a bit more. Let me tell you it is no accident that my cardigan is long enough for a bend over and pick something up moment...Can I get that belt any tighter?  I love to pick out a "special detail" that adds a little something extra on a traditional piece so on this cardigan the chiffon trim was what jumped out to me. Well that and the price...last season I picked it up for only $10.00.


Cardigan Ann Taylor found similar, Tank Top Victoria's Secret found similar, Jeans Mek from Nordstrom Rack found similar online, Earrings Banana Republic Factory found similar, Necklace Ann Taylor Loft found similar, Shoes DSW Chinese Laundry
So we were out at Charming Charlies and what did I spy a chiffon flower on a knitted hat. Had to try that on. Loving the grey and the blue together. eek

Me looking at my sister are you sure this is cute?

Top Ten Essential Wardrobe pieces.

1. Tank Top/Cami
2. Jeans
3. Cardigan
4. Trench
5. Blazer
6. Trousers
7. Skirt
8. Blouse
9. Shorts
10. T shirt
(11. A knitted hat with a chiffon flower)

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