Monday, November 12, 2012

A sight for sore eyes

I've been meaning to make an eye appointment & I did it & yes I got glasses. I didn't realize how lucky I was in having my vision until they showed me the scar. They dumbed down the picture for me, the small round circle is my pupil the big mass is a scar, had that scar been any higher I would be blind in that eye. Done, never to see Ava, but I am lucky. It further reinforces that I should be here, I want to be here, to watch Ava grow, to see her sassy behavior. the sweet moments & the frustrating.

My right eye refuses to focus for distance so wearing the glasses 24/7  (not while sleeping) for 2 weeks will hopefully retrain my brain. So my glasses are Kate Spade ooh la la. I did not know this till I got my receipt, thank you vision insurance. I took Jeanne with me because she's the family fashionista but she was no help (except she did pick the glasses I choose ::cough name brand cough::) The girl that helped me was awesome, so if you have to go, trust them, they really know what they are talking about. Now I did pick the one who's style was like my own. In fact the glasses she was wearing was in my top 3 picks.

We did talk about screen time and she said that there is no difference between iphone vs laptop screen "damage". That its not permanent damage but does result in strain. Now the way to lessen the strain is to  **REMEMBER TO BLINK**

So my friends if you have insurance definitely go get your eyes checked!!

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