Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pete And Repeat Were Sitting In A Boat

Pete fell out, who was left REPEAT          All. Day. Long.

Kids a little older than my 2 year old are usually repeating because they don't think you heard them. The toddler age totally WANTS to talk about something with you and the ONLY thing they can think of is "I like dirt" 5,000 times an hour. So I've found that expanding on what they are repeating helps them learn plus slows down the number of repetitions. So ask some questions to get that toddler mind rolling like

  • What grows in dirt? 
  • What else do you like? Do you like grass?
  • Is dirt soft or squishy or hard?
  • What happens to dirt if you add water?

Another one of my toddler's example is "I like to jump" ask questions like

  • How many times can you jump in a row? Lets count!
  • Can you Hop? (Skip, Twirl, etc)
  • What animals jump? (hop)
  • Can you jump high, can you jump low?
I have a friend who told me today of her daughter saying "The stove is hot" because the stove is hot and hey did you know its hot? So expand with
  • Why is it hot?
  • What else is hot?
  • Is your drink hot?
  • Is an ice cube hot or cold?
I could go on & on but you get the idea. :) Have fun! 

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  1. that is exactly it. confirm you heard them and get them going down the conversation path instead of jumping on the same spot all day.