Saturday, March 16, 2013

iPhone App Of The Moment - Endless Alphabet

Stickman is still a big favorite in this house but we found a new favorite app today its so seriously cute, totally engaging, and addicting. You can put that mommy/parent/caregiver guilt away because its also educational. Called Endless Alphabet froCallaway Digital Arts, little ones can learn the alphabet, spelling, and vocabulary but most importantly they have fun, fun and FUN.

A word comes up and a voice says the word. Then hilarious interesting creatures come knock them off so the word then is in grey & the letters are mixed around in color.

Click on a letter and it animates with creature like features then says and repeats the sound of the letter. When you match it to the correct spot, the letter is said. Then the creatures act out the word and a definition of the word is spoken. Its sometimes a funny definition. For example, the definition of tangle is "A tangle is a mess of rope or strings. Hair gets tangled all the time."

Callaway Digital Arts adds new words weekly. So letter sounds, definition, spellings, matching, oh I couldn't be more happy with this app but wait there are no advertisements or in app purchases (see this post to learn how to turn off auto in app purchases for other apps that may have it).

OH its FREE so go get it NOW!!

Do you have any other favorites from Callaway? I'm tempted to try all their other apps since I'm super impressed by this one


  1. This is a VERY popular app at our house too! We love it! I love the way it gives the letter sounds & defines the word for them. So fun! I also love that it isn't dumb little words like "cat," but fun words like "belch!"

    I wasn't a huge fan of the Mr. Potato Head app by them because you have to pay to really do anything with it. We do love both of the Miss Spider apps. It can read the story to them, do a video of the story, play a matching game, "paint" pictures from the story, and do little puzzles. They're lots of fun if you don't have them!

    1. Awesome!! I'm going to check it out maybe my little one won't be so afraid of spiders if she sees them as fun :)

  2. We love this app too, but I don't get the stick man app. Connor at three and a half can't really do it by himself. I will go searching for Miss Spider apps!

  3. I downloaded this based on your suggestion and Spencer loves it! Thanks!