Friday, December 28, 2012

How Do You Measure a Year?

first time holding my baby by myself 3 long months later

A year ago today I was nursing my sweet chubby toddle-baby. I unfortunately got into a plane that would malfunction & fall to the earth but fortunately my baby did not step one foot on it. I fought through coma, confusion, broken bones to be back with my sassy now toddler. Medical bills are suffocating & a brain injury does not make life easy but I'm here. News Report

Right after the accident it broke my heart reading "Are You My Mother" to her thinking how she was that scared little bird looking for her mommy. I no longer tear up while reading it but do when my sleepy child whispers "are you my mudder?" 

Yes I worked hard but I am pretty much a miracle because of all those doctors (especially the one who's yard we landed in) and YOU! You all helped, every single thought pulling for me, rooting for me, made the difference. How else can you explain countless doctors telling my family to say goodbye. I'm here, not whole & not "fixed" but alive which matters most. I'm thankful my child does not have to grow up with just pictures & stories to remember me by. I'm very proud of the person she is becoming.

"Seasons Of Love" from Rent just popped in my head, how fitting that it's been one year today. How do you measure a year? I know your child won't measure it by how clean or unclean your house is but will by the moment you've shared so put down that mop & if you have kids at home, pick up a toy (not to clean but to play) please for me for today play & snuggle those babies. You never know what tomorrow brings. 


  1. I love you. And am so glad you are here to write this. All the love for you and your precious little girl.

  2. One year, in one year look at what you were able to do. You were able to show doctors they are not always right. You were able to show everybody the power of a mothers love. You were able to not only survive a plane crash but to recover to your funny, loving, jokingly self. You truly are superwoman and I know you have a wonderful full life ahead of you. Much love and hugs your way.

  3. 525,600 do you measure a year. kate you are amazing. you are an inspiration and moreover, you are so lucky and blessed. you have someone up there watching over you and keeping you and ms ava safe, i believe that in my heart.

    you own this. you rock. you made the most of your 525,600 minutes this year.

    love you. xoxo

  4. Yay! What a beautiful post! I remember the days following the accident... checking Twitter non-stop to see if there were any updates on your condition. I began talking about and praying for you as if I really "knew" you. The fact that you write this today makes us all so happy & gratful for you! We love you and Ava to pieces!! @droofer xoxox

  5. You are an inspiration, not only for those who know you, but also for that beautiful daughter of yours. In this past year you have been able to teach her more about love, devotion, and strength. She will grow up confident, knowing she was what kept you going during the tough times. I am so thankful you and Zach are still here, the world would be an empty place without you! -Monica

    Btw: you should totally sell your rights to the story to Lifetime or Hallmark and have a movie made to help pay the medical bills!!!

  6. So much love to you. I remember hearing the news, and being terrified for you and for Ava. You are amazing, an inspiration. Big hugs, Mama.

  7. such a nice post- I am so glad you are here with us- it was so scary for us followers when we heard the story- so many of us were praying for you.. two beautiful pictures you posted with you and your daughter, you are a wounderful mudder!

  8. OMG I had no idea this happened to you. I've been off and on with Twitter but today saw some tweets and followed over to your blog. What a miracle you are! One of my ex-boyfriends, a doctor, also survived a plane crash so I knew it could be done but holy moly, who wants to be the one who does? You and my ex!

    I'm very happy for you but can't imagine what the bills are like. And you had plane insurance! (which I never bother to take)(and I'm sure most people don't)

    Wishing you and your Little Small a fantastic 2013. YOU SURVIVED!

  9. P.S. the link to the news report has an error message.

    1. Thank you Suzy I fixed the link. and wow there's not many survivors its good to hear of another

  10. Kate,

    Just seeing that last picture made me cry. I remember this time last year sending out all my thoughts, prayers and positive energy to you and you getting well.

    And you came back to us, a little battered, a little busted, a little more quirky, but you're still YOU. You're still sassy and funny and sweet and supportive and caring, and I couldn't love you more if I tried.

    I remember how you tweeted a pic of you and the baby just before you got on the plane that day. I mean, minutes before. And for days after that, I couldn't look at that picture without my heart hurting for you both. But now I realize that even then, you weren't taking a single moment of her for granted. That inspires me, K. It makes me want to do better with mine.

    You inspire me. You're so much stronger than you realize.

    The bills, the struggle from the TBI, that's all okay because you know what? It all comes with you being here with us. So, worth it.

    I love you, you know I'm sending you hugs and have been all day.

    I wish I could have been there today to give you a hug in person. But that day is coming, my friend. Count on it.

  11. I love this post and what a year for you, my Twitter friend. Thanks for the reminder on perspective.

  12. I have loved following you and getting to know you on twitter. I am so glad you are alive and well to make your daughter smile and laugh.