Thursday, April 11, 2013

Skin Cancer Please Check Yourself

I've never concerned myself about being safe in the sun. The thought of melanoma never crossed my mind. I mean its stuff you read about, never something that could happen to a you... until it does. Let me preface that I do not have cancer but the amazing and courageous Dawn Gentz lost her fight with melanoma last week. She leaves behind the love of her life and two fantastic kids. Melanoma is the most dangerous cancer not because it is the most common but because it spreads FAST. We might have lost Dawn but her message goes on. Get those moles checked!

So what are the risks?
  • Sun - just one childhood sunburn doubles your risk
  • Tanning Beds - ups your risk of developing cancer by 75%. If that doesn't turn you off hopefully the fact that you will get more wrinkles will. 
  • Moles - check for the odd ones
  • Skin type - sorry fair skinned friends
  • Already weakened immune system - like you don't have enough to worry about
  • Family History - if someone in your close family has had it it can appear earlier in you. There is genetic testing available. 

How to lower those risks?

  • Stay in the shade
  • Wear sunscreen - 30 minutes before heading outside & every 2 hours thereafter. The hours between 10am and 4pm are most important.
  • Wear a shirt, sunglasses, hat

I've always been a stickler for Ava to wear sunscreen and have always checked the EWG for recommendations but if stuck with only "bad" options TAKE IT because really the only bad option is a sunburn. I have 5 different sunscreens in my pool bag right now because one might be easier than another at different times, I have face stick, squeeze tube, and a spray bottle. So even though I'm a stickler for my child I will now be one for myself. 

Please watch this


  1. I really like the UPF clothing & rashguards, especially for kids. They provide better/more consistent coverage which is a double bonus-- 1) you don't have to worry about the sunscreen washing off or forgetting to reapply and 2) you use MUCH less sunscreen which is especially nice if you're using the "safe" expensive stuff. My guys are usually in longer board shorts and a long or short-sleeved rashguard, plus a hat (as long as they agree to wear them) so there are fewer parts to cover with sunscreen. I've also been looking at getting a similar type of swimshirt for myself with UPF for the same reasons.

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