Wednesday, July 17, 2013


My sister Julie has introduced me to hot yoga and I'm hooked. It has helped tremendously with my balance, flexibility, fatigue, being able to calm my thoughts, and parenting. How would yoga help with parenting? So many unexpected ways its hard to explain but i will in future posts.  

I was skeptical so luckily Radiant Yoga in El Dorado Hills CA has an introductory $30 for 30 days. If you went every day that's $1 a day!!! They do have classes every day. This is my second yoga studio experience and Radiant is fab they have amazing teachers, assistants, and ambiance. I am sad I don't live in California, I am putting my wish out in the universe for them to open nationwide. 

I have no complaints not even a "meh" as every aspect was phenomenal from check in to clean up. Yes clean up, they provide tee tree oil diluted in water to clean your mat. 

Have any questions for me or do you have a favorite yoga pose/studio/teaching/video? please put them in comments. 



  1. My 6 month old has worn both the large and the one size since he was 3 months old. My almost 3 year old daughter can fit the large which is great to know because my son should be able to wear these till he's about 3! They absorb great and that yellow/green new baby poop washes out great.

  2. We love hot yoga, too! We just started doing it in May. It helps me in so many ways. My favorite is eagle pose.