Monday, June 3, 2013

Radical Potty Training

I think my child is potty trained and here's what I wish I had read / was told. 
First step away from age expectations and time tables.  
Then give an incentive to be out of diapers. 
And let your child decide when s/he is done with them. 

Radical right? I've read & practiced everything from diaper free baby (part timer here maybe it would have worked if we did full time but that just wasn't a good fit with our lifestyle) & beyond but NOTHING has worked. Now they do need an incentive and it can't be a bribe like chocolate or stickers (yep tried bribes) my child's incentive was that she had asked to be in ballet class I told her that to be in that class she couldn't wear diapers. BOOM! I saw the light bulb go off. For another child it was being able to go to the Ikea daycare. Fun stuff. Big stuff. 

So moms, caretakers put away the guilt, stop the mom olympics, let it go. 

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